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Welcome to your rhino adventure

and other experiences!
Your oasis in the Otavi mountains
  • Track rhino, eland and other game
  • Witness cultivation and stock farming
  • Explore the limestone cave
  • Enjoy the historic ambience (former mission station)
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Waterberg Wilderness
Your world of experience at the Kalahari's table mountain
  • Rub shoulders with rhinos
  • Conquer the Waterberg plateau
  • Enjoy nature (spring, botanic garden)
  • Meet the Herero (history and culture)
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Looking for a place to stay at the end of your Namibia holiday?

Only a 10-minute-drive from the International Airport
  • Day booking possible: Ideal for the hours before take-off
  • Make use of our transfers (airport, Windhoek)
  • Enjoy our free WLAN
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News from Ghaub

Ghaub News
African fruit trees recorded at Ghaub – March 2018

Almost every one of our guests knows that Amarula is a popular cream liqueur made from the fruit of the local Marula tree. However, nobody suspects that hundreds of marula trees grow on Ghaub. Even we were amazed how many trees were counted here for a study.

News from Waterberg Wilderness

Waterberg Wilderness News
Hot on a predator’s trail – April 2018

Leopard? Cheetah? African Wild Dog? Aardwolf? Dog? The answers of our Facebook fans to the question which animal left the tracks to be seen on the photo were quite higgledy-piggledy. Only two of the 21 fans were completely right with their bet...

News from Ondekaremba

Ondekaremba News
Aircraft disaster at Ondekaremba 50 years ago – April 2018

The International Airport near Windhoek had been in operation for just four years when it experienced its first and so far only major plane crash. Exactly 50 years ago, in April 1968, a brand new Boeing 707-344C of South African Airways mysteriously crashed 50 seconds after take-off...

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